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At Alejandro A. Zamora’s Law Firm, we provide exceptional legal services in Miami and the nearby regions. Specializing in criminal defense, traffic cases, personal injury, family law, and civil litigation, we strive for excellence in legal representation. Reach out to us for a free consultation and let us address your legal concerns.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury cases include cases in which the claimant has sustained physical harm or injury, which can result from many occurrences ranging from a motor vehicle accident, or a defective product, a slip or trip and fall, or other physical impact or traumatic events which injures an organ, limb or body part or function. The injury and damages may include emotional and psychological injuries, which are the result of a traumatic accident. The firm has experience in a wide variety of injury and wrongful death cases, including automobile, boating and trucking accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, assault and battery, nursing home abuse and neglect, etc.

After a trauma, a person undergoes emotional mishap and experiences pain and suffering, loss of ability to earn and should decide to take steps to recover from the injuries, damages and protect their legal rights. The firm will stand by to assist our clients involved in personal injury accidents or incidents when the clients most need a professional with integrity, experience and loyalty. We will promptly investigate and file a lawsuit to recover monetary compensation for the injuries, including for their disability, lost wages, medical expenses, and their pain and suffering. In the event that both parties have insurance policies that would cover damages, the firm will immediately report the claims to the insurance companies prior to filing legal action or lawsuit. Each party including the insurance companies should have legal representation to protect their interest and rights and recover adequate compensation for the injuries and damages suffered.

Civil Litigation

The firm handles a wide variety of civil actions and defenses, including commercial litigation, contracts, collections, fraud, evictions, real estate partition, foreclosures, and foreclosure defense. Most civil trials are before a six (6) or twelve (12) member jury, who will decide the liability of the defendant and the amount of damages that will be awarded. The firm will prepare your case from the outset and will be highly involved in gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, photographing and recording the scene, the vehicles, parties and obtain the medical records to prove your case. If a case goes to a jury, Mr. Zamora will be directly involved in interviewing the jurors, striking jurors for cause where appropriate for bias or other grounds, to assure the fair jury panel is selected under the circumstances. However, in a bench trial, the judge must make the decision of liability and damages.

If you have been served with a lawsuit and sued or if you have sued someone to recover damages or request relief from the courts, you know how lengthy and complicated the legal process is and will ultimately result in a judgment that can affect you and your loved one’s life dramatically. You want to know who is handling your case, who to call and who to request a status report or and update. We care about your welfare and will be there to serve your interest with undivided loyalty, competency and honesty, communicating all offers of settlement and compromise immediately as we receive them.

Criminal Defense and Traffic

If you have ever been arrested, you know how frightening it is! Your whole life stops when you are hauled away to jail. When you are charged with the commission of a crime, your life, liberty and property are in jeopardy. The arrest or detention on felony or misdemeanor charges for the commission of a crime is a serious life-turning event that can result in the incarceration of the accused with the resulting consequences of deprivation or loss of liberty, property, family hardships, including personal and employment consequences. That is when you most need a professional and experienced attorney to protect your interests and rights. All persons are presumed innocent and have multiple Constitutional rights which must be respected by the police and governmental authorities, including the right to remain silent, assistance of counsel, bond or bail, presumption of innocence, and other important rights.

Mr. Zamora will assist you with pre-trial release, posting your bond, providing you with effective assistance of counsel throughout the entire criminal process. Everyone has a right to remain silent, to the assistance of counsel, investigating the case and to conducting discovery, engaging in plea negotiations and to proceed to a jury trial, when jail is certified by the state or federal government.

Family Law

“The majority of the family cases are the result of a family crisis, involving chronic arguments, domestic violence, alcohol, and drug abuse. It is important to retain counsel and to obtain professional assistance to help you to resolve the crisis. You want the best advice to do the right thing for your family. Some cases are international, especially with South Florida being one of the nearest and most popular port of entry from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central, and South America. European countries, especially Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Russia, and others have large communities in South Florida.

The firm handles dissolution of marriage, most commonly known as divorces, as well as child support, timesharing and custody, parental responsibility, paternity, adoptions, domestic violence and other cases. We also draft prenuptial agreements and assist clients to organize their estates before getting married. Family harmony is critical to one’s wellbeing, specially your physical, emotional and mental health. The wellbeing of one’s immediate family is the most important responsibility that a person has. The firm will never subordinate your family’s best interest for any reason whatsoever.

There is no greater personal treasure than one’s immediate family. Our firm ardently believes that the family, specially the children but also the parents should be protected from litigious firms that protract costly litigation in the sum of hundreds of dollars per hour. We believe that reconciliation, settlement, and mediation as alternative resolution methods to litigation should be addressed from the outset of the family case so that the crisis may be promptly resolved and the children’s best of interest is carefully considered at the outset to ensure that the children are least affected by the separation of the parents.”

Real Estates, Trusts, and Estate

We provide legal representation in real estate purchase and sale contracts, closings, lease agreements, evictions, asset holdings. We represent foreign nationals regarding the purchase and sale of real estate, holding, management and protection of their investment. Estate taxes for foreign nationals should always be consider when purchasing property in the personal name of a non-resident foreign national.

It is just as legal to hold title to real estate in a natural person’s name as it is in the name of a corporation or limited liability company which is organized in the state or country where the real estate is located. The company or corporation is usually a single asset holding company, which is can be owned by another holding company that is owned by the owners a trustees under the terms of a Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust that specifies the primary, secondary and any contingent beneficiaries, the interest of each beneficiary and other essential terms and conditions of the Trust Agreement, which may be revocable or irrevocable and provides for the conveyance and distribution of assets to your loved ones.

The distribution of the trust estate is conditioned at times upon the death of the settlor or upon the occurrence of certain events and conditions specified by the settlor of the trust. Mr. Zamora will ensure to perform all services with due diligence, inquire with tax specialists and assist you with the employment of a licensed Certified Public Accountant to prepare and file the required annual corporate state and federal tax returns, in case of irrevocable Trust Agreements, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and other entities.

The Trust Agreement is the most secure, efficient and practical way to protect and transfer your property to your loved ones, without losing ownership or control and without the need of lengthy and costly probate proceedings which delay the distribution of your estate to your beneficiaries. Mr. Zamora recommends in most cases that the settlor be the trustee and primary beneficiary retaining the right to and control and even revoke the trust. In some cases, the firm may act as trustee in cases that the settlor requests a third-party trustee for his or her own personal reasons. The trustee is a fiduciary held to the highest standard of loyalty, competency, diligence and due care. We will be there for you, your loved ones and specially for your family.

International Trade

If you have a business in Guatemala, Spain, or Florida, our firm is able to assist in the retention of local counsel to provide legal services concerning the ownership, management and operation of business entities, assets, and subsidiaries in any of these three jurisdictions. Some clients have parent companies that wish to establish a subsidiary in one of the mentioned countries of practice. Mr. Zamora & associates can help you to navigate the formalities of the bureaucracy of the corporate filings, registrations and assist you legally to accomplish your local or international business goals.

The firm organizes and registers business corporations, limited liability companies, offshore International Business Companies and represents clients in international commercial relations. Mr. Zamora has correspondent offices in Guatemala City, Marbella and Granada, Spain, holding law degrees from La Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Granada, Spain, earning the degree of Licenciado en Derecho in 1983 and a juris doctor degree in 1985, being licensed to practice law in Florida and being admitted to the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Granada, Spain.

Business and Commercial Law

It is important to have trustworthy advice and people that you can rely on to know what you are up against before you proceed to invest in incorporating a subsidiary or an independent business establishment. We are there to protect you, guide your and represent you, in every step of the business process.

The laws of each country differ in many ways and we will help you to adapt to the exigencies and requirements of each jurisdiction. Our moto is “we will deliver more than what we promise”. We will never disappoint you because we will never promise what we cannot deliver to you. Additionally, or fees are of the most extremely reasonable, fair and competitive in our communities. Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate of fees and costs.

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